Sun 29
New Forest
Under 16s Women
U16 womens v New Forest (away)

U16 womens v New Forest (away)

By Philly Tunstall
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Cows or chickens in the New Forest!!!

Captains Report.

Arriving in the dressing room the team seemed to be relatively calm, until Abby set off the shower sensor sending the room into a fit of giggles also soaking her. However, when the team talk over positions explained and nobody appered to be nervous and, nobody appreared nervous when the game grew closer (Huge appreciation to Holly and Amelia who played their first game with any of the girls today and managed to keep any nerves under control, if they had any to start with)

When arriving pitch side we continued to look through player positions before going for a warmup run then a discussion when doing dynamic streches over whether close the gates comes, before kick the cows (who puts cows and chickens in the same coop!?!?) After coin toss, New Forest winning first pushback, we set up for pushback.

New Forest pressed full court leaving Gosport with a complete overload we struggled to move the ball out of the defending half, New Forest quickly had some goals on the score board much to the dismay of Gosport. At the end of the first half, Gosport were down 7-0. After talking through what's going wrong and how to fix it over half time we were heading back on pitch when New Forest did a second sticks in which Gosport followed in spontaneously, completely forgetting the captain who had already made it to the pitch (thanks guys!?!?).

The second half we focused on marking every attacking player in the D, this strategy seemed to work well for us as they only scored 2 goals this half we also ditched our 'tackling is the last resort' strategy and changed it into 'all or nothing' (sorry coach Luke ?). The second half seemed to go much after than the dragging on first half. As a team all the girls played amazingly together but it will take a few weeks to gel fully as a team, all constructive points will be taken on board and will be worked on.

Huge thanks to manager Philly, sideline shouter Emma 'Dave' and everyone who came all the way to the New Forest on such a misrable day to watch. Huge well done is in order for all the girls, hopefully we can come back stronger next week against Andover.

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Match date

Sun 29, Sep 2019



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If you need a lift please let me know. Likewise if anyone can offer a lift please message me on 0781 617 6441

Umpire is Ray Holyer